Camera Firmware

Firmware is programming that is inserted into the programmable read-only memory (programmable ROM) of most Teledyne FLIR cameras. Firmware is created and tested like software. When ready, it can be distributed like other software and installed in the programmable read-only memory by the user.

The latest firmware versions often include significant bug fixes and feature enhancements. To determine the changes made in a specific firmware version, consult the Release Notes.

Firmware is identified by a version number, a build date, and a description.

Determining Firmware Version

To determine the firmware version number of your camera:

  • Query the GenICam Device Control feature DeviceFirmwareVersion.

Upgrading Camera Firmware

Camera firmware can be upgraded or downgraded to later or earlier versions using SpinView, part of the Spinnaker SDK.

Before upgrading firmware:

  • Install the Spinnaker SDK, available from the Spinnaker page.
  • Download the latest model package zip file for the product, available from the camera's resources page:
BFS-PGE Camera Resources

To upgrade the firmware:

  1. Start Menu-->All Programs--> Spinnaker SDK-->SpinView
  2. From the Device list, right click the camera and select Update Device Firmware.
    If you get a Device is Active warning, close the Display pane or click the Disconnect button and right click the camera again.
  3. Browse to select the firmware file and click Open.
  4. Click Yes to continue.
Warning! Do not disconnect the camera during the firmware update process.
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