BFS-PGE-16S2 Release Notes

Product Information

Product: BFS-PGE-16S2

Firmware Version: 2305.0000.146.000

Bugs Fixed

Bug Description
BUG-55149 CRC position was incorrect for image sizes that were not a multiple of 4 bytes
BUG-53802 CRC was invalid for image sizes that were not 16 byte aligned
BUG-55357 Frame rate calculation was not exactly correct
BUG-55942 Framerate is 1 fps after Ethernet cable is disconnected/reconnected with external power
FIRM-101 ARP failure with multiple hosts
FIRM-326 Corrected PTP start-up delay setting
FIRM-327 Make camera always start in PTP slave mode
FIRM-1532 Duplicate EnumEntry values in GevSupportedOptionSelector node
FIRM-520 Fixed node update issue in auto algorithm mode
FIRM-697 Camera sometimes does not acknowledge command before device reset
FIRM-2956 Fixed issue of inaccurate image timestamp
FIRM-3501 Fixed persistent IP issue occurred when ethernet cable is replugged in
FIRM-2611 PacketResendRequestCount was set to Linear instead of PureNumber
FIRM-4004 Fixed the issue that camera starts up at 1fps after pc powercycles with camera connected
FIRM-4700 Allow persistent default gateway to be
FIRM-5203 Corrected pixel dynamic range max value for 10-bit pixel formats
FIRM-5204 Fixed issue that frame rate value in User Set was not being applied after power cycle when setting AcquisitionFrameRatePersistent to enabled
FIRM-5071 Fixed issue that Camera LED was solid green while acquisition not enabled
FIRM-6057 Corrected OffsetY in GVSP Extended Chunk Data leader
FIRM-6036, FIRM-6730 Camera can become unresponsive under high packet traffic
FIRM-6587 Toggling interface causes camera to go into updator mode
FIRM-9311 Min exposure time now includes exposure time offset of the sensor


Change Description
BUG-54819 Added support for 10-bit pixel formats
FIRM-1082 Added ControlPacketsReservedBandwidth feature to control the reserved device link bandwidth for GVCP packets
FIRM-1600 Added UserSetFeature category
FIRM-894 Added support for enabling GigEVision extended status codes
FIRM-1001 Enable gpio line 1 to have Off state
FIRM-5258 Added support for Lossless Compression (LLC)
FIRM-8856 Added support for 8-bit ADC

Known Issues

Issue Description