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Powering Your Blackfly S

Power can be provided over the Ethernet interface (PoE). To use PoE, you must also have a powered Ethernet card, a powered Ethernet switch, or an Ethernet power injector.

PoE can be used with board-level models with the RJ45 PoE bulkhead accessory (ACC-02-7002). Power can also be provided externally through the GPIO interface: 5 V nominal (4 - 5.5 V).

Power can also be provided externally through the GPIO interface: 12 V nominal (8 - 24 V). Power consumption is 3 W maximum.

If both power sources are connected the camera always uses external power over the GPIO connector.

The camera does not transmit images for the first 100 ms after power-up. The auto-exposure and auto-white balance algorithms do not run while the camera is powered down. It may therefore take several images to get a satisfactory image.

When the camera is power cycled (power disengaged then re-engaged), the camera reverts to its default factory settings, or if applicable, a saved user set.


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