Blackfly S Installation

Preparing for Installation

What system configuration is recommended?

CPU RAM Ports Software to run and
compile example code
Recommended System Configuration Windows or Linux (32- or 64-bit) Intel i5 or greater 4 GB USB3 host controller or GigE network adapter Microsoft Visual Studio 2010,
Visual Studio 2013, or
Visual Studio 2015

Do you have all the parts you need?

To install your camera you need the following components:

Teledyne FLIR sells a number of the additional parts required for installation. To purchase, visit the Accessories page.

Have you visited the Teledyne FLIR website?

The Teledyne FLIR machine vision products page has many resources to help you operate your camera effectively, including:

  • Spinnaker® SDK software, including drivers (required for installation)
  • Firmware updates and release notes
  • Dimensional drawings and CAD models
  • Documentation

To access these resources:

  1. Go to Teledyne FLIR machine vision.
  2. Click on your product family.
  3. Click on Go to Support Page.
    • Overview tab - links to software, knowledge base articles, and application notes.
    • Downloads tab - links to camera references, technical references, getting started manuals, imaging performance results, drawings, PCNs, firmware, and software.