This test subjects the camera to a range of temperatures both while idle and while streaming. The test soaks the camera at a given temperature for approximately 10 minutes and then power cycles to ensure the camera is able to power up.

Note: HALT testing is only conducted on several prototype units during the design phase. The test only evaluates a small sample set and does not necessarily represent the average performance of the product.

Pass/Fail Criteria

  • Unit functionally operational within working range of -30°C to +80°C.

Test Configuration

Specification Description
Starting Temperature -40°C
Ending Temperature +120°C
Temperature Step 10°C
Test Sequence

At each temperature level:

  1. Set Chamber Temperature.
  2. Soak Camera without power.
  3. Power cycle (10 times).
  4. Allow camera temperature to stabilize.
  5. Image test and power measurement.
  6. Power off.


Additional Configuration

  • This test is run on the camera both while idle and while streaming.