Sensor Alignment

This test uses a custom optical measurement system to perform a variety of different measurements of the sensor's position relative to the front of the lens barrel. The system measures the following properties:

  • Optical Back Focal Length—the optical distance from the front of the barrel to the sensor's imaging surface.
  • Sensor Tilt—the tilt of the image sensor in the optical plane.
  • Image Center—the offset of the image sensor's optical center from the center of the lens mount.

Pass/Fail Criteria

All of the following criteria must be met for the device to pass:

  • The Back Focal measurement must be greater than TBDTBD and less than TBDTBD.
  • The angle of the sensor cannot exceed TBDTBD.
  • The offset of the image center cannot exceed TBDTBD.

Test Stages and Configurations

Test Stage Test Configuration


Additional Configuration

  • None.


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