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Input Timing Characteristics

Note: Timing specifications are preliminary and subject to change.

Input Timing Characteristics

Non-isolated Input Performance (measured at Vcc = 5 V, Rext = 1 kΩ)

Parameter Symbol Non-isolated
Input Low Voltage VL 0.85 V
Input High Voltage VH 4.94 V
Input Threshold High Voltage VTHH 4.54 V
Input Threshold Low Voltage VTHL 1.26 V
Cycle Rise Time tR 10.8 μs
Cycle Fall Time tF 2 μs
Current   4.1 mA


Opto-isolated Input Performance (measured at Vcc = 5 V, Rext = 1 kΩ)

  Parameter   Symbol Low Frame Rate High Frame Rate
Input Low Voltage VIL ≤ 0.81 V ≤ 0.81 V
Input High Voltage VIH ≥ 2.36 V ≥ 2.36 V
Propagation Delay Low to High tPDLH 13.4 μs 9.6 μs
Propagation Delay High to Low tPDHL 9.2 μs 8.3 μs
Typical Positive Pulse Width tMPPW 15 ms 15 ms
Typical Negative Pulse Width tMNPW 0.98 ms 0.28 ms


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