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Lens Mounting

Lenses are not included with individual cameras.

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C-mount models CS-mount models
BFS-PGE-13Y3 / BFS-U3-13Y3 BFS-PGE-04S2 / BFS-U3-04S2
BFS-PGE-31S4 / BFS-U3-32S4 BFS-PGE-16S2 / BFS-U3-16S2
BFS-PGE-50S5 / BFS-U3-50S5 BFS-U3-120S4
BFS-PGE-88S6 / BFS-U3-88S6  
BFS-PGE-122S6 / BFS-U3-122S6  
BFS-PGE-200S6 / BFS-U3-200S6  


Correct focus cannot be achieved using a CS-mount lens on a C-mount camera.

Back Flange Distance

The Back Flange Distance (BFD) is offset due to the presence of both a 1 mm infrared cutoff (IRC) filter and a 0.5 mm sensor package window. These two pieces of glass fit between the lens and the sensor image plane. The IRC filter is installed on color cameras. In monochrome cameras, it is a transparent piece of glass. The sensor package window is installed by the sensor manufacturer. Both components cause refraction, which requires some offset in flange back distance to correct.

The resulting C-mount BFD is 17.99 mm.

The resulting CS-mount BFD is 12.52 mm.

For more information about the IRC filter, see Infrared Cut-Off Filters.


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