Lens Mounting

Lenses are not included with cameras. Teledyne FLIR sells a number of lenses compatible with our cameras from our website. There is also a Lens Calculator to help choose an appropriate lens.

Correct focus cannot be achieved using a CS-mount lens on a C-mount camera.

C-mount models CS-mount models
BFS-PGE-13Y3 / BFS-PGE-14Y3 / BFS-U3-13Y3 BFS-PGE-04S2 / BFS-U3-04S2
BFS-PGE-16S7 / BFS-U3-16S7 / BFS-U3-17S7 BFS-PGE-16S2 / BFS-U3-16S2
BFS-PGE-19S4 / BFS-U3-19S4 BFS-PGE-23S3-CS
BFS-U3-20S4 BFS-PGE-120S4 / BFS-U3-120S4
BFS-PGE-23S3-C / BFS-U3-23S3  
BFS-PGE-27S5 / BFS-U3-27S5  
BFS-PGE-31S4 / BFS-U3-31S4 / BFS-U3-32S4  
BFS-PGE-50S4 / BFS-U3-50S4  
BFS-PGE-50S5 / BFS-U3-50S5  
BFS-PGE-51S5 / BFS-U3-51S5  
BFS-PGE-63S4 / BFS-U3-63S4  
BFS-PGE-70S7 / BFS-U3-70S7  
BFS-PGE-88S6 / BFS-U3-88S6 / BFS-U3-89S6  
BFS-PGE-120S4 / BFS-PGE-120S6  
BFS-PGE-122S6 / BFS-U3-122S6  
BFS-PGE-123S6P / BFS-U3-123S6  
BFS-PGE-161S7 / BFS-U3-161S7  
BFS-PGE-200S6 / BFS-U3-200S6  
BFS-PGE-200S7 / BFS-U3-200S7  
BFS-PGE-244S8 / BFS-U3-244S8  
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Back Flange Distance

The Back Flange Distance (BFD) is offset due to the presence of both a 1 mm infrared cutoff (IRC) filter (color models only) and a 0.5 mm sensor package window. These two pieces of glass fit between the lens and the sensor image plane. The IRC filter is installed on color cameras. The sensor package window is installed by the sensor manufacturer. Both components cause refraction, which requires some offset in flange back distance to correct.

For more information about the IRC filter, see Infrared Cut-Off Filters