BFS-U3-31S4-BD Release Notes

Product Information

Product: BFS-U3-31S4-BD

Firmware Version: 2110.0000.318.000

Bugs Fixed

Bug Description
F-2611 Changed representation of Packet Resent Request Count from Linear to PureNumber
F-4505 Post USB image burst transmission support
F-4379 After system reboot U3 device enumerates with USB2 linkthroughputlimit
F-4272 ISP causes loss bottom bit for 12bit ADC
F-5203 Fixed 10 bit packed pixel formats reporting incorrect max pixel dynamic range value
F-5465 wrong conditional logic expression used in the function of validate_pixel_format
F-5071 Incorrect operation of camera LED
F-5868 Don't send extra zero packet when image size equals xfr_size
F-5774 PC automatically reboot when camera finishing acquisition
F-5649 FPGA green columns


Change Description
PRD-1373 BFS-U3-31S4-BD (Sony IMX265) Release with Lossless Compression
F-5156 Add LLC custom payload type

Known Issues

Issue Description
F-7158 LLC frame rate lower than non-compressed due to delay lines