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BFS-U3-32S4 Release Notes

Product Information

Product: BFS-U3-32S4

Firwmare Version: 1607.1.5.0

Bugs Fixed

Bug Description


Change Description

Known Issues

Issue Description
41772 Mono8 uses 2x2 binning by default due to ISP Enable being off
44273 Minimum ROI size restricted to 32x32
47512 Image CRC is incorrect for image sizes that are not a multiple of 8 (12 bit formats)
47637 Leader packet is all zero when streaming in USB2
48116 Camera sometimes loses command or becomes stuck in pending ACK mode when a second camera is disconnected
48369 Device on USB2 intermittently fails after reboot
48603 External voltage reading is not within 1V of the power supply voltage reading
48622 Pixels are highlighted when DefectCorrectStaticEnable is disabled
49003 BFS-U3-IMX252 will trap under certain conditions
49359 Frame rate limited to 118 fps at max. resolution
50598 USB issues on Intel 100 Series Controllers
50599 Unable to read/write port on USB2 on certain PCs


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