BFS-U3-32S4 Release Notes

Product Information

Product: BFS-U3-32S4

Firwmare Version: 2308.0000.826.000

Bugs Fixed

Bug Description
F-0520 Nodes are not being updated when in auto mode on BFS
F-1081 Line1 (OptoOut) does not have an Off state
F-1543 Added support for sensors which require longer per-frame write time
F-1893 Minimum exposure time now includes exposure time offset of the sensor
F-1657 Maximum Acknowledge should be 512 to avoid BSOD occurring in 3rd party library
F-3431 Sensor communication period has been extended
F-4379 Upon PC reboot, camera would enumerate as USB2 or USB3 with USB2 link throughput limit
F-5203 Pixel dynamic range max value was incorrect for 10-bit pixel formats
F-5204 When setting AcquisitionFrameRatePersistent to enabled, frame rate value in User Set was not being applied after power cycle
F-5071 Camera LED was solid green while acquisition not enabled
F-5774 PC automatically reboot when camera finishing acquisition
F-4504 Added USB image burst transmission support.
F-5310 Bayer Sampling Module - Bayer pattern changes are not picked up if ISP is off
F-7895 BFS cameras have reliability issues on USB3 Fresco FL1100 card


Change Description
F-9960 Added Lens Shading Correction (LSC) feature

Known Issues

Issue Description