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General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)

The camera is equipped with a 6-pin GPIO connector on the back of the case. The connector is a Hirose HR10A-7R-6PB, the mating connector is a Hirose HR10A-7P-6S(73).

Diagram Color1 Pin Line Function Description

Green 12 3 VAUX Auxiliary Input Voltage (DC)
GPI Non-isolated Input
Black 2 0 OPTOIN Opto-isolated Input
Red 32 2 VOUT Camera Power Output
GPIO3 Non-isolated Input/Ouput
White 4 1 OPTOOUT3 Opto-isolated Output
Blue 5 N/A Opto GND Opto-isolated Ground
Brown 6 N/A GND Camera Power Ground

1—GPIO cable assembly wire colors
2—Dual function pin
3—Open drain output, requires pullup resistor


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