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Input/Output Control

General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)

The camera is equipped with a 6-pin GPIO connector on the back of the case. The connector is a Hirose HR10A-7R-6PB, the mating connector is a Hirose HR10A-7P-6S(73).

GPIO pin assignments (as shown looking at rear of camera)

Diagram Color1 Pin Line Function Description

Green 12 3 VAUX Auxiliary Input Voltage (DC)
GPI Non-isolated Input
Black 2 0 OPTOIN Opto-isolated Input
Red 32 2 VOUT Camera Power Output
GPIO3 Non-isolated Input/Ouput
White 4 1 OPTOOUT3 Opto-isolated Output
Blue 5 N/A Opto GND Opto-isolated Ground
Brown 6 N/A GND Camera Power Ground

1—GPIO cable assembly wire colors
2—Dual function pin
3—Open drain output, requires pullup resistor

Power can also be provided externally through the GPIO interface: 12 V nominal (8 - 24 V). Power consumption is 3 W maximum.

If both power sources are connected the camera always uses external power over the GPIO connector.

Note: Some systems, especially those with laptop computers or longer cable lengths, may not provide adequate power through the USB 3.0 cable which could result in intermittent operation. The use of external power through the GPIO is required for these systems.


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