BFS-U3-51S5 Release Notes

Product Information

Product: BFS-U3-51S5

Firmware Version: 1801.0000.001.000

Bugs Fixed

Bug Description
36378 Add SequencerConfigurationReset feature.
43108 Add File Access.
41772 Mono8 uses 2x2 binning by default due to ISP Enable being off
44273 Minimum ROI size restricted to 32x32.
47201 Camera fails under certain conditions.
47637 Leader packet is all zero when streaming in USB2.
48113 Camera does not busy ACK commands sent when processing current command.
48116 Camera sometimes loses command or becomes stuck in pending ACK mode when a second camera is disconnected
48427 Support faster frame rates.
48603 External voltage reading is not within 1V of the power supply voltage reading
48622 Pixels are still highlighted when DefectCorrectStaticEnable is disabled randomly
48702 Streaming over USB2 can fail.
49643 Rename SensorAutoClampingDisable feature to BlackLevelClampingEnable.
49776 Add Serial Port
49890 USB3CV Chapter 9 test fails since camera should be classified as 3.1, not 3.0
52286 Capture GPIO state in chunk data.
52690 Add support for 10-bit pixel formats.
52772 Unexpected behaviour when loading user set.
53096 Investigation: add ROI to sequencer feature for IMX250/252/264/265/253/255.
53802 CRC is invalid for image sizes that are not 16 byte aligned.
53848 Add support for vertical sensor binning for mono sensors.
54078 Vendor name rebranding.
54380 Requested frame rate is 1 line more, resulting in a slower frame rate.
55963 Merge USB module improvements from branch to trunk.
F-122 Add multiple ROI xml support
F-300 BFS U3 IMX253/255(all USB models) USB2 AIA Stream_Timestamp tests failed.


Change Description

Known Issues

Issue Description
47512 Image CRC is incorrect for image sizes that are not a multiple of 8 (12 bit formats)
48369 Device failed to come back after reboot intermittently on USB2