Firefly-DL Camera Resources

Camera Reference

This HTML document contains all information about a camera model: firmware release notes, specifications and frame rates, EMVA imaging performance, mechanical and installation guidance, and technical reference features.


This zip file includes firmware, CAD models/drawings, the Camera Reference, and all document PDFs.

See also Firefly S Camera Resources

Firefly-DL Documents

FLIR PN Camera Reference Drawings Installation Guide Technical Reference EMVA Imaging Performance Datasheet Package*
*Package zip files include firmware


Spinnaker SDK DownloadSpinnaker API Documentation (C++)Spinnaker Programmer's Guide (C++)
The GUI application for camera evaluation SpinView comes included in the Spinnaker SDK. SpinView is required to stream and view inference data on the Firefly-DL.

The FLIR NeuroUtility is an easy to use GUI that converts inference network files (meant for PC) into a format that is compatible with the Firefly-DL, and seamlessly uploads the files onto the camera.

Firefly-DL Application Notes

Getting Started with the Firefly-DL in Linux
This application note describes how to create an inference network file for the Firefly-DL camera using Linux.

Getting Started with the Firefly-DL in Windows
This application note describes how to create an inference network file for the Firefly-DL camera using Windows.

Deep Learning Support

Neural Networks Supported by the Firefly-DL
This application note describes neural networks supported by Neuro on the Firefly-DL camera.

Tips for Creating Training Data for Deep Learning and Neural Networks
This application note describes how to develop a dataset for classifying and sorting images into categories, which is the best starting point for users new to deep learning.

Troubleshooting Neural Network Conversion Errors
This application note describes some common errors that can occur when converting neural network files and provides a list of supported layers.

Getting Started with Training a Caffe Object Detection Inference Network
This application note describes how to install SSD-Caffe on Ubuntu and how to train and test the files needed to create a compatible network inference file for Firefly-DL.

Firefly-DL Videos

Introducing Firefly DL

Using the cat-dog inference network

Using a newly-trained neural network

Detection with a pre-trained neural network