Infrared Cut-Off Filters

Color camera cased models are equipped with an additional infrared (IR) cut-off filter. This filter can reduce sensitivity in the near infrared spectrum and help prevent smearing. The properties of this filter are illustrated in the results below.

IR filter transmittance graph

Transmission Wavelength
T=50% 680 nm ±10 nm
T>80% 400 nm - 420 nm
T>85% 420 nm - 650 nm
T average 1% 750 nm - 1100 nm
T<3% 750 nm - 1100 nm


In monochrome cased models, the IR filter is replaced with a transparent piece of glass.

The following are the properties of the IR filter/protective glass:

  1" and 1/1.2" Sensors All Other Sensors
Type   Anti-reflective   Anti-reflective
Material   Schott B270   Schott B270
Dimensions 15.5 ±0.08 x 18 ±0.08 mm
14 ±0.08 x 14 ±0.08 mm
Thickness 1 ±0.07 mm 1 ±0.07 mm


For more information, see Dust Protection.

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