Interface Connector

USB 3.1 Connector

The camera is equipped with a USB 3.1 Micro-B connector that is used for data transmission, camera control and power. For more detailed information, consult the USB 3.1 specification available from

USB 3.1 Micro B Connector

USB 3.1 Micro-B Connector Pin Assignments

Pin Signal Name Description
1 VBUS Power
2 D- USB 2.0 differential pair
3 D+
4 ID OTG identification
5 GND Ground for power return
6 MicB_SSTX- SuperSpeed transmitter differential pair
7 MicB_SSTX+
8 GND_DRAIN Ground for SuperSpeed signal return
9 MicB_SSRX- SuperSpeed receiver differential pair
10 MicB_SSRX+

The USB 3.1 Micro-B receptacle accepts a USB 2.0 Micro-B plug and, therefore, the camera is backward compatible with the USB 2.0 interface.

Note: When the camera is connected to a USB 2.0 interface, it runs at USB 2.0 speed, and maximum frame rates are adjusted accordingly based on current imaging parameters.
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