Teledyne FLIR endeavors to provide the highest level of technical support possible to you. Most support resources can be accessed through your product's Support page.

Firefly S Support Articles Firefly S Resources
Firefly DL Support Articles Firefly DL Resources

The Overview tab contains links to:

Spinnaker SDK download
Application notes
Knowledge base articles
White papers
Warranty information

The Resources tab contains links to:

  • EMVA Imaging Performance specification PDFs
  • Camera References (HTML)
  • Datasheets
  • Drawings
  • Firmware
  • Getting Started manual PDFs
  • Product Change Notifications (PCN)
  • Technical Reference manual PDFs

The Media tab contains links to videos about sensor technology and camera use.

Contacting Technical Support

Before contacting Technical Support, have you:

  1. Read the product documentation?
  2. Searched the Product Support page?
  3. Downloaded and installed the latest version of software and/or firmware?

If you have done all the above and still can’t find an answer to your question, contact our Technical Support team.