Camera Temperature and Heat Dissipation

You must provide sufficient heat dissipation to control the internal operating temperature of the camera.

The camera is equipped with an on-board temperature sensor.

As a result of packing the camera electronics into a small space, the camera can become hot when running. This is expected behavior and will not damage the camera electronics.

Warning! To avoid possible burns do not touch the camera while in operation. Wait at least 15 minutes after powering off before touching.

To reduce heat, use a cooling fan to set up a positive air flow around the camera, taking into consideration the following precautions:

  • Mount the camera on a heat sink, such as a camera mounting bracket, made out of a heat-conductive material like aluminum.
  • Make sure the flow of heat from the camera to the bracket is not blocked by a non-conductive material like plastic.
  • Make sure the camera has enough open space around it to facilitate the free flow of air.