FFY-U3-16S2-DL Release Notes

Product Information

Product: FFY-U3-16S2-DL

Firmware Version: 1905.0004.103.000

Bugs Fixed

Bug Description
F-5455 Multi-frame acquisition mode may not always work when exposure is longer than readout time.
F-380 Toggling Frame Start Trigger Mode on/off while acquisition is active cause garbled output.
F-4583 TriggerSelector defaults to AcquisitionStart instead of FrameStart.
F-1088 AcquisitionStop USB flushing behaviour is incorrect.
F-937 No validation of CNN input/output size.
F-851 Colour camera inference unstable when using MONO8.
F-930 LUT constantly loading from device.
F-1046 Replace FP16 LUT with a proper pass-through LUT.
F-1146 Change in exposure time takes one extra frame to take effect in trigger mode.
F-957 Improve the execution efficiency and correctness of LUT update.
F-1022 Colour pixel formats missing from documentation.
F-4681 Cannot perform colour detection.
F-4843 Streaming freezes when done with inference for an extended period of time.
F-993 Inference related nodes are not saved to userset.
F-5456 IMX296 max framerate is incorrect.
F-5662 Potential event queue overflow in USB stack.
F-901 Inference sync mode randomly freezes acquisition.
F-1010 Auto-exposure max gain limit is wrong.
F-904 InferenceNetworkName is not reset during factory reset.
F-897 GPIO line inference threshold is not saved to userset.
F-926 Replace inference bicubic scaling with bilinear scaling.
F-5953 ExposureEnd event does not work after debugging or terminating a host test application.
F-1075 Auto white balance only works in outdoor conditions.
F-1098 Mono pixel formats not working correctly.
F-949 Uploaded file size does not change if a smaller file is uploaded.
F-1051 USB transmission intermittently stops.
F-943 NetworkType selection does not get saved to userset.
F-988 CCM does not preserve the correct white point.
F-1093 Bayer pixel formats should be disabled when ISP is on.
F-1016 Bayer pixel formats are labelled incorrectly.
F-902 When an invalid network is uploaded InferenceEnable node should be unchecked and locked.
F-5610 Cannot stream images from two or more cameras using NI Max.


Change Description
F-1107 Improve auto-exposure by using histogram mid-point in target grey level computation.
F-569 Add auto white balance.
F-880 Add a read-only node that will display the state of the current network.
F-1090 Add ability to stream without a host.
F-994 Add a read-only node to notify the user the current ISPEnable locking status.
F-1137 Gain module improvements.
F-574 Add support for CCM.
F-1089 Remove colour LUT.
F-1122 Add the checking of IspEnable to ISP related modules.
F-900 Add display node for inference image scaling time.

Known Issues

Issue Description
F-542 Rapidly starting/stopping acquisition while using U3V events may make camera not responsive.
F-587 U1 and U2 USB power states are advertised but do not work.
F-594 Doing a firmware update may not work on some USB2 interfaces.
F-601 USB device location node is incorrect.
F-604 The USB link will sometimes go down after acquisition/transmission is ended in continuous acquisition mode. The failure occurs only when an active USB IN transfer is aborted.
F-991 Spurious small voltage spikes can be observed on digital IO line 0 during state transitions.
F-1042 There is a small (less than 1%) chance that camera will not re-enumerate after DeviceReset command is issued.
F-6115 Uploading network twice causes inference not to run.
F-6324 Chance of device hang when cancelling image transfer when using USB2.