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EMVA 1288 Imaging Performance

Measurements are taken based on guidelines in the EMVA 1288 standard; the full definition can be found at Camera settings are: maximum bit depth, 16-bit pixel format, and ISP disabled. The center wavelength is 525 nm unless otherwise noted. Results are captured at room temperature (20°C).

Firefly FFY-U3-16S2C-DL
Resolution 1440x1080
Sensor IMX296 (1/2.9, CMOS, Global Shutter)
Pixel Size 3.45
Firmware Version 1905.4.83.0
ADC Bit Depth 10
Quantum Efficiency Mono (% at 525 nm) N/A
Quantum Efficiency Blue (% at 470 nm) 47.04
Quantum Efficiency Green (% at 525 nm) 57.43
Quantum Efficiency Red (% at 630 nm) 44.35
Temporal Dark Noise (Read Noise) (e-) 4.93
Temporal Dark Noise (Read Noise) (DN) 0.46
Signal to Noise Ratio Maximum (dB) 40.20
Signal to Noise Ratio Maximum (Bits) 6.68
Absolute Sensitivity Threshold (γ) 9.49
Absolute Sensitivity Threshold (e-) 5.43
Saturation Capacity (Well Depth) (e-) 10461.30
Saturation Capacity (Well Depth) (γ) 18261.30
Dynamic Range (dB) 65.69
Dynamic Range (Bits) 10.91
Gain (e-/ADU) 10.66

Firefly FFY-U3-16S2C-DL Spectral Response Curve


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