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FFY-U3-16S20DL Release Notes

Product Information

Product: FFY-U3-16S2-DL

Firmware Version: 1905.0004.049.000

Bugs Fixed

Bug Description


Change Description
F-1416 FFY-U3-16S2M-DL Initial Release.

Known Issues

Issue Description
F-542 Rapidly starting/stopping acquisition while using U3V events may make camera not responsive.
F-592 LUT does not reset to the default table when camera is rebooted.
F-593 Rebooting the camera while writing to a file will causes file corruption.
F-594 Doing a firmware update may not work on some USB2 interfaces.
F-587 U1 and U2 USB power states are advertised but do not work.
F-601 USB device location node is incorrect.
F-897 GPIO line inference threshold not saved to userset.
F-901 USB2: Inference sync trigger mode may freeze acquisition.
F-904 InferenceNetworkName is not reset when performing a factory reset.


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