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AdapterInfo Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 AdapterInfo ()

Public Attributes

std::string adapterName
std::string adapterGUID
std::string adapterMACAddress
std::string adapterDescription
bool dhcpEnabled
IpInfo ipInfo
std::string receiveBuffersRegKey
std::string transmitBuffersRegKey
std::string jumboPacketsRegKey
unsigned int transmitBuffers
unsigned int receiveBuffers
unsigned int jumboPackets
unsigned int receiveBuffersMin
unsigned int receiveBuffersMax
unsigned int receiveBuffersStep
unsigned int transmitBuffersMin
unsigned int transmitBuffersMax
unsigned int transmitBuffersStep
std::vector< unsigned int > jumboPacketValidValues

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AdapterInfo ( )

Member Data Documentation

std::string adapterDescription
std::string adapterGUID
std::string adapterMACAddress
std::string adapterName
bool dhcpEnabled
IpInfo ipInfo
unsigned int jumboPackets
std::string jumboPacketsRegKey
std::vector<unsigned int> jumboPacketValidValues
unsigned int receiveBuffers
unsigned int receiveBuffersMax
unsigned int receiveBuffersMin
std::string receiveBuffersRegKey
unsigned int receiveBuffersStep
unsigned int transmitBuffers
unsigned int transmitBuffersMax
unsigned int transmitBuffersMin
std::string transmitBuffersRegKey
unsigned int transmitBuffersStep

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