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Product: BFS-U3-23S3

Firmware Version: 1809.2.8.0

About This Document

This manual provides the user with detailed information of the BFS camera. The user should be aware that the camera system is complex and dynamic - if any errors or omissions are found during use, please contact us.

All model-specific information presented in this manual reflects functionality available in the model's firmware version.

Where to Find Information

Link Description
Release Notes Description of functional changes and/or bug fixes contained in the release, as well as any errata or known issues.
Specifications Specifications for the camera, including: frame rate, exposure range, gain range, sensor characteristics, and supported features.
BFS Getting Started Guide Quick start guide to installing the camera and software.
BFS Installation Guide Information on the physical components of the camera, including: installing the camera and SDK, controlling the camera with GenICam applications, updating firmware, mechanical characteristics (dimensional drawing, physical interface, mounting), GPIO electrical characteristics, and troubleshooting.
BFS-U3-23S3 Technical Reference Definitions for supported features, including: image format control, acquisition control, sequencing, binning/decimation, and others.
Spinnaker SDK (link goes to Software Development Kit to monitor or control features of the camera. The Spinnaker SDK provides API examples and the SpinView camera evaluation application. A Programmer's Guide and API Reference is included in the installation.
Transitioning from FlyCapture2 to Spinnaker SDK (link goes to Technical Application Note to guide FlyCapture2 users with Spinnaker.
Getting Started with SpinView A quick guide to using the SpinView camera evaluation application provided in the Spinnaker SDK.


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