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#define interface   struct
#define _UndefindedRepresentation   _UndefinedRepresentation


typedef GenICam::gcstring_vector StringList_t
 A list of strings. More...


enum  ESign { Signed, Unsigned, _UndefinedSign }
 signed or unsigned integers More...
enum  EAccessMode {
  NI, NA, WO, RO,
  RW, _UndefinedAccesMode, _CycleDetectAccesMode
 access mode of a node More...
enum  EVisibility {
  Beginner = 0, Expert = 1, Guru = 2, Invisible = 3,
  _UndefinedVisibility = 99
 recommended visibility of a node More...
enum  ECachingMode { NoCache, WriteThrough, WriteAround, _UndefinedCachingMode }
 caching mode of a register More...
enum  ERepresentation {
  Linear, Logarithmic, Boolean, PureNumber,
  HexNumber, IPV4Address, MACAddress, _UndefinedRepresentation
 recommended representation of a node value More...
enum  EEndianess { BigEndian, LittleEndian, _UndefinedEndian }
 Endianess of a value in a register. More...
enum  ENameSpace { Custom, Standard, _UndefinedNameSpace }
 Defines if a node name is standard or custom. More...
enum  EStandardNameSpace {
  None, GEV, IIDC, CL,
  USB, _UndefinedStandardNameSpace
 Defines from which standard namespace a node name comes from. More...
enum  EYesNo { Yes = 1, No = 0, _UndefinedYesNo = 2 }
 Defines the choices of a Yes/No alternative. More...
enum  ESlope {
  Increasing, Decreasing, Varying, Automatic,
 typedef for formula type More...
enum  EXMLValidation {
  xvLoad = 0x00000001L, xvCycles = 0x00000002L, xvSFNC = 0x00000004L, xvDefault = 0x00000000L,
  xvAll = 0xffffffffL, _UndefinedEXMLValidation = 0x8000000L
 typedef describing the different validity checks which can be performed on an XML file More...
enum  EDisplayNotation { fnAutomatic, fnFixed, fnScientific, _UndefinedEDisplayNotation }
 typedef for float notation More...
enum  EInterfaceType {
  intfIValue, intfIBase, intfIInteger, intfIBoolean,
  intfICommand, intfIFloat, intfIString, intfIRegister,
  intfICategory, intfIEnumeration, intfIEnumEntry, intfIPort
 typedef for interface type More...
enum  ELinkType {
  ctParentNodes, ctReadingChildren, ctWritingChildren, ctInvalidatingChildren,
  ctDependingNodes, ctTerminalNodes
 typedef for link type More...
enum  EIncMode { noIncrement, fixedIncrement, listIncrement }
 typedef for increment mode More...
enum  EInputDirection { idFrom, idTo, idNone }
 typedef for link type More...
enum  EGenApiSchemaVersion { v1_0 = 1, v1_1 = 2, _Undefined = -1 }
 GenApi schema version. More...

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#define interface   struct
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