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Product: FFY-U3-04S2

Firmware Version: 2101.0.19.0

About This Document

This manual provides the user with detailed information of the FFY camera. The user should be aware that the camera system is complex and dynamic - if any errors or omissions are found during use, please contact us.

All model-specific information presented in this manual reflects functionality available in the model's firmware version.

Where to Find Information

Link Description
Release Notes Description of functional changes and/or bug fixes contained in the release, as well as any errata or known issues.
Specifications Specifications for the camera, including: frame rate, exposure range, gain range, sensor characteristics, and supported features.
FFY Installation Guide Information on the physical components of the camera, including: installing the camera and SDK, controlling the camera with GenICam applications, updating firmware, mechanical characteristics (dimensional drawing, physical interface, mounting), GPIO electrical characteristics, and troubleshooting.
FFY-U3-04S2 Technical Reference Definitions for supported features, including: image format control, acquisition control, sequencing, binning/decimation, and others.
Spinnaker SDK (link goes to Software Development Kit to monitor or control features of the camera. The Spinnaker SDK provides API examples and the SpinView camera evaluation application. A Programmer's Guide and API Reference is included in the installation.
Transitioning from FlyCapture2 to Spinnaker SDK (link goes to Technical Application Note to guide FlyCapture2 users with Spinnaker.


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Firefly® FFY-U3-04S2
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