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Function_NodeCallback< Function > Class Template Reference

Container for a function pointer. More...

#include <NodeCallback.h>

Inheritance diagram for Function_NodeCallback< Function >:

Public Member Functions

 Function_NodeCallback (INode *pNode, const Function &function, ECallbackType CallbackType)
virtual void operator() (ECallbackType CallbackType) const
 execute operation: call the function
virtual void Destroy ()
 destroys teh object
- Public Member Functions inherited from CNodeCallback
 CNodeCallback (INode *pNode, ECallbackType CallbackType)
virtual ~CNodeCallback ()
 virtual destructor
virtual void operator() (ECallbackType CallbackType) const =0
 fires the callback if th type is right
virtual void Destroy ()=0
 destroys the object
INodeGetNode ()
 returns the node the callback is registered to
ECallbackType GetCallbackType ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from CNodeCallback
 the node were the callback is installed
ECallbackType m_CallbackType
 the type of the callback

Detailed Description

template<class Function>
class Spinnaker::GenApi::Function_NodeCallback< Function >

Container for a function pointer.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Function_NodeCallback()

template<class Function >
Function_NodeCallback ( INode pNode,
const Function &  function,
ECallbackType  CallbackType 


Member Function Documentation

◆ Destroy()

template<class Function >
virtual void Destroy ( )

destroys teh object

Implements CNodeCallback.

◆ operator()()

template<class Function >
virtual void operator() ( ECallbackType  CallbackType) const

execute operation: call the function

Implements CNodeCallback.

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