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#include <SpinTestCamera.h>

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- Public Member Functions inherited from NodeMap
 NodeMap (GenICam::gcstring DeviceName="Device")
virtual ~NodeMap ()
void Destroy ()
 Destroys the node map.
void LoadXMLFromFile (GenICam::gcstring FileName)
 Creates the object from a XML file with given file name.
void LoadXMLFromZIPFile (GenICam::gcstring ZipFileName)
 Creates the object from a ZIP'd XML file with given file name.
void LoadXMLFromZIPData (const void *zipData, size_t zipSize)
 Creates the object from a ZIP'd XML file given in a string.
void LoadXMLFromFileInject (GenICam::gcstring TargetFileName, GenICam::gcstring InjectFileName)
 Creates the object from a XML target and an inject file with given file name.
void LoadXMLFromString (const GenICam::gcstring &XMLData)
 Creates the object from XML data given in a string.
void LoadXMLFromStringInject (const GenICam::gcstring &TargetXMLDataconst, const GenICam::gcstring &InjectXMLData)
 Creates the object from XML data given in a string with injection.
virtual void GetSupportedSchemaVersions (GenICam::gcstring_vector &SchemaVersions)
 Gets a list of supported schema versions.
virtual GenICam::gcstring GetDeviceName ()
 Get device name.
virtual void Poll (int64_t ElapsedTime)
 Fires nodes which have a polling time.
virtual void GetNodes (NodeList_t &Nodes) const
 Retrieves all nodes in the node map.
virtual INodeGetNode (const GenICam::gcstring &key) const
 Retrieves the node from the central map by name.
virtual void InvalidateNodes () const
 Invalidates all nodes.
virtual bool Connect (IPort *pPort, const GenICam::gcstring &PortName) const
 Connects a port to a port node with given name.
virtual bool Connect (IPort *pPort) const
 Connects a port to the standard port "Device".
virtual CLockGetLock () const
 Returns the lock which guards the node map.
virtual uint64_t GetNumNodes () const
 Get the number of nodes in the map.
void * GetNodeMapHandle () const
virtual GenICam::gcstring GetModelName ()
 Get the model name.
virtual GenICam::gcstring GetVendorName ()
 Get the vendor name.
virtual GenICam::gcstring GetToolTip ()
 Get tool tip.
virtual GenICam::gcstring GetStandardNameSpace ()
 Get the standard name space.
virtual void GetGenApiVersion (GenICam::Version_t &Version, uint16_t &Build)
 Get the version of the DLL's GenApi implementation.
virtual void GetSchemaVersion (GenICam::Version_t &Version)
 Get the schema version number.
virtual void GetDeviceVersion (GenICam::Version_t &Version)
 Get the version of the device description file.
virtual GenICam::gcstring GetProductGuid ()
 Get the GUID describing the product.
virtual GenICam::gcstring GetVersionGuid ()
 Get the GUID describing the product version.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from NodeMap
static bool ClearXMLCache ()
 Clears the cache of the camera description files.
- Public Attributes inherited from NodeMap
 Pointer to the NodeMap.

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