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IEnumerationT Interface


virtual IEnumeration & operator= (EnumT Value)=0
 Set node value. More...
virtual IEnumEntry * GetEntry (const EnumT Value)=0
 returns the EnumEntry object belonging to the Value More...
virtual IEnumeration & operator= (const GenICam::gcstring &ValueStr)=0
 Set string node value. More...


template<typename EnumT >
interface SPINNAKER_API_ABSTRACT IEnumerationT
 Interface for enumeration properties. More...
template<typename EnumT >
 Interface to construct an enum reference. More...

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

virtual IEnumEntry* Spinnaker::GenApi::GetEntry ( const EnumT  Value)
pure virtual

returns the EnumEntry object belonging to the Value

virtual IEnumeration& Spinnaker::GenApi::operator= ( EnumT  Value)
pure virtual

Set node value.

IString & operator= ( const GenICam::gcstring &  ValueStr)
pure virtual

Set string node value.

Set node value.

Note : the operator= is not inherited thus the operator= versions from IEnumeration must be implemented again

Variable Documentation

Interface for enumeration properties.

Initial value:
virtual void SetValue(EnumT Value, bool Verify = true) = 0
interface SPINNAKER_API_ABSTRACT bool Verify
Definition: IBoolean.h:60

Interface to construct an enum reference.

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