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Interface for string properties. More...

#include <CommandNode.h>

Inheritance diagram for CommandNode:
ValueNode Node

Public Member Functions

 CommandNode ()
 CommandNode (std::shared_ptr< Node::NodeImpl > pCommand)
virtual ~CommandNode ()
virtual void Execute (bool Verify=true)
 Execute the command.
virtual void operator() ()
 Execute the command.
virtual bool IsDone (bool Verify=true)
 Query whether the command is executed.
virtual void SetReference (INode *pBase)
 overload SetReference for Value
- Public Member Functions inherited from ValueNode
 ValueNode ()
 ValueNode (std::shared_ptr< Node::NodeImpl > pValue)
 constructor with GenICam IValue
 ~ValueNode ()
virtual INodeGetNode ()
virtual GenICam::gcstring ToString (bool Verify=false, bool IgnoreCache=false)
 Get content of the node as string.
virtual void FromString (const GenICam::gcstring &ValueStr, bool Verify=true)
 Set content of the node as string.
virtual bool IsValueCacheValid () const
 Checks if the value comes from cache or is requested from another node.
virtual void SetReference (INode *pBase)
 overload SetReference for Value
- Public Member Functions inherited from Node
 Node ()
 Node (std::shared_ptr< Node::NodeImpl > pNodeHandle)
 ~Node ()
virtual GenICam::gcstring GetName (bool FullQualified=false) const
 Get node name.
virtual GenApi::ENameSpace GetNameSpace () const
 Get name space.
virtual EVisibility GetVisibility () const
 Get the recommended visibility of the node.
virtual void InvalidateNode ()
 Indicates that the node's value may have changed.
virtual bool IsCachable () const
 Is the node value cacheable.
virtual EYesNo IsAccessModeCacheable () const
 True if the AccessMode can be cached.
virtual ECachingMode GetCachingMode () const
 Get Caching Mode.
virtual int64_t GetPollingTime () const
 recommended polling time (for not cacheable nodes)
virtual GenICam::gcstring GetToolTip () const
 Get a short description of the node.
virtual GenICam::gcstring GetDescription () const
 Get a long description of the node.
virtual GenICam::gcstring GetDisplayName () const
 Get a name string for display.
virtual GenICam::gcstring GetDeviceName () const
 Get a name of the device.
virtual void GetChildren (GenApi::NodeList_t &Children, ELinkType LinkType=ctReadingChildren) const
 Get all nodes this node directly depends on.
virtual void GetParents (GenApi::NodeList_t &Parents) const
 Gets all nodes this node is directly depending on.
virtual void GetLockNodes (GenApi::NodeList_t &LockNodes) const
 Gets all nodes which can directly lock this node.
virtual CallbackHandleType RegisterCallback (CNodeCallback *pCallback)
 Register change callback Takes ownership of the CNodeCallback object.
virtual bool DeregisterCallback (CallbackHandleType hCallback)
 De register change callback Destroys CNodeCallback object.
virtual INodeMapGetNodeMap () const
 Retrieves the central node map.
virtual GenICam::gcstring GetEventID () const
 Get the EventId of the node.
virtual bool IsStreamable () const
 True if the node is streamable.
virtual void GetPropertyNames (GenICam::gcstring_vector &PropertyNames) const
 Returns a list of the names all properties set during initialization.
virtual bool GetProperty (const GenICam::gcstring &PropertyName, GenICam::gcstring &ValueStr, GenICam::gcstring &AttributeStr)
 Retrieves a property plus an additional attribute by name If a property has multiple values/attribute they come with Tabs as delimiters.
virtual void ImposeAccessMode (EAccessMode ImposedAccessMode)
 Imposes an access mode to the natural access mode of the node.
virtual void ImposeVisibility (EVisibility ImposedVisibility)
 Imposes a visibility to the natural visibility of the node.
virtual INodeGetAlias () const
 Retrieves the a node which describes the same feature in a different way.
virtual INodeGetCastAlias () const
 Retrieves the a node which describes the same feature so that it can be casted.
virtual GenICam::gcstring GetDocuURL () const
 Gets a URL pointing to the documentation of that feature.
virtual bool IsDeprecated () const
 True if the node should not be used any more.
virtual EInterfaceType GetPrincipalInterfaceType () const
 Get the type of the main interface of a node.
virtual bool IsFeature () const
 True if the node can be reached via category nodes from a category node named "Root".
void SetNodeHandle (std::shared_ptr< Node::NodeImpl > pNodeHandle)
 Set Node handle.
std::shared_ptr< Node::NodeImpl > GetNodeHandle () const
 Get Node handle.
virtual EAccessMode GetAccessMode () const
 Base interface overrides.
virtual bool IsSelector () const
 Selector interface overrides.
virtual void GetSelectedFeatures (FeatureList_t &) const
 retrieve the group of selected features
virtual void GetSelectingFeatures (FeatureList_t &) const
 retrieve the group of features selecting this node
virtual void SetReference (INode *pBase)
 Reference interface overrides \ingroup Spinnaker_GenApi_PublicImpl.
virtual void SetReference (ISelector *pBase)
void SetNodeMap (INodeMap *pNodeMap)
virtual bool operator== (int nullPtr) const
virtual bool operator!= (int nullPtr) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Node
std::shared_ptr< Node::NodeImpl > m_pNodeData
std::list< CallbackHandleType_t * > m_Callbacks
 List of callbacks.

Detailed Description

Interface for string properties.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CommandNode() [1/2]

◆ CommandNode() [2/2]

CommandNode ( std::shared_ptr< Node::NodeImpl >  pCommand)

◆ ~CommandNode()

virtual ~CommandNode ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Execute()

virtual void Execute ( bool  Verify = true)

Execute the command.

VerifyEnables AccessMode and Range verification (default = true)

◆ IsDone()

virtual bool IsDone ( bool  Verify = true)

Query whether the command is executed.

VerifyEnables Range verification (default = false). The AccessMode is always checked
True if the Execute command has finished; false otherwise

◆ operator()()

virtual void operator() ( )

Execute the command.

◆ SetReference()

virtual void SetReference ( INode pBase)

overload SetReference for Value

Reimplemented from ValueNode.

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