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BFS-U3-63S4-BD Release Notes

Product Information

Product: BFS-U3-63S4-BD

Firmware Version: 1908.0.165.0

Bugs Fixed

Bug Description
F-1081 Line1 (OptoOut) does not have an Off state
F-1791 GPIO Line Status is delayed by one frame in chunk data
F-2456 Intermittent purple image generated when Trigger Mode is turned on
F-2501 First image with Trigger Mode on is white
F-2840 Camera enters a bad state when Trigger Mode is turned on in free running mode
F-2906 Failed waiting for EventData on NEW_BUFFER_DATA error


Change Description
F-697 Force camera to acknowledge the device reset command before executing the reset

Known Issues

Issue Description
F-2702 Mono8 uses 2x2 binning by default
F-3138 Unable to start acquisition for 1 frame time after previous acquisition is stopped for exposure times greater than 12 seconds
F-3624 THe digital out duration was not within the total error tolerance
F-3623 AccessException was thrown under TestDigitalOutDurationRollingShutterFrameStartSpin
F-3612 Assertion error in Stream_Transfer_Blocks in AIA test
F-3550 Chunk data is not readable while enabled
F-3546 Device could not be found within tolerance time


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