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Configuring Other Ethernet Settings

Stream Channel Destination Address

The stream channel destination address (SCDA) register is used to specify the streaming destination IP address. The default SCDA is the IP address of the network or computer to which the camera is connected. It can be set within a range so that the camera sends data as a multicast. As long as switches in the path between the sender and receivers support and are configured for multicasting, multiple receivers can listen to the data stream from the camera.

Multicast addresses are between and

Note: For more information on multicast address assignments, see

To control SCDA use:

  • GenICam—GevSCDA in the Transport Layer Control


The heartbeat is a mandatory GigE Vision feature to monitor the connection between an application and the camera. The application must continually reset the heartbeat timer, or the camera assumes an error has occurred and shuts down the connection.

In general, the Spinnaker API manages the heartbeat at a low level; however the following two features are controllable: Heartbeat Timeout and Heartbeat Disable.

Heartbeat Timeout

Heartbeat timeout is the time, in milliseconds, that the camera waits before closing the connection. Heartbeat timeout can be set between 500 ms and 10 seconds. The default setting is 3000 ms (3 seconds). If there is no communication between the camera and the application for longer than the timeout value, the connection is shut down.

To control Heartbeat Timeout use:

  • GenICam—Under Transport Layer Control, GevHeartbeatTimeout.
  • Spinnaker API—The Spinnaker SDK supports configuring heartbeat timeout.

Heartbeat Disable

The heartbeat is enabled by default.

To disable Heartbeat use:

  • GenICam—Under Transport Layer Control GevGVCPHeartbeatDisable.
  • Spinnaker API—The Spinnaker SDK supports disabling heartbeat.


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