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Test Control

Test Control provides functionality to allow certain features to be exercised.

There are two features available in Test Control:

TestEventGenerate - This feature allows you to generate test events. Executing sends a single TestEvent, which then populates the Event Test Data selector with the ID and the timestamp of when the event occurred.

TestPendingAck - This feature allows you to test the device's pending acknowledge feature. When this feature is written, the device waits for the corresponding time period in milliseconds before acknowledging the write.

Test0001 - This feature is for internal testing only.

If a test fails, an error is produced for the log.

Summary Table

Name Interface Access Visibility Description
Test Event Generate ICommand WO Guru This command generates a test event and sends it to the host.
Test 0001 IInteger RW Expert For testing only.

Test Control Features

Test Event Generate

This command generates a test event and sends it to the host.

Property Value
Name TestEventGenerate
Interface ICommand
Access WO
Visibility Guru

Test 0001

For testing only.

Property Value
Name Test0001
Interface IInteger
Access RW
Visibility Expert


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