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Handling Precautions and Camera Care

Your FLIR machine vision camera is a precisely manufactured device and should be handled with care. Here are some tips on how to care for the device.

  • Avoid electrostatic charging.
  • If you have purchased a board-level camera you should take the following additional protective measures:
    • Either handle bare handed or use non-chargeable gloves, clothes or material. Also, use conductive shoes.
    • Install a conductive mat on the floor or working table to prevent the generation of static electricity.
  • When handling the camera unit, avoid touching the lenses. Fingerprints will affect the quality of the image produced by the device.
  • To clean the lenses, use a standard camera lens cleaning kit or a clean dry cotton cloth. Do not apply excessive force.
  • Extended exposure to bright sunlight, rain, dusty environments, etc. may cause problems with the electronics and the optics of the system.
  • Avoid excessive shaking, dropping or any kind of mishandling of the device.
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