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GPIO Electrical Characteristics

The output is open collector and thus requires a pull-up resistor to operate. The rise time and bias current will be determined by the resistor value chosen. If the camera is generating an output signal that approaches the rise time plus the fall time of the opto-isolated circuit, care must be taken to optimize the pull-up resistor chosen to minimize the rise time while still remaining within the current limits of the output circuit.

Warning! To avoid damage, connect the OPTO_GND pin first before applying voltage to the GPIO line.
Warning! Prolonged use of the camera outside of the Operating Range described below may lead to unexpected behavior and should be avoided.

Operating Range

Description Minimum Maximum
3.3 V Output Current   120 mA


Non-isolated External Voltage Resistor Combinations

3.3 V 1.0 kΩ 3.1 mA
5 V 1.0 kΩ 4.8 mA
12 V 2.0 kΩ 6 mA
12 V 2.4 kΩ 5 mA
24 V 4.7 kΩ 5.2 mA
30 V 4.7 kΩ 6.5 mA
Values are for reference only

Non-isolated input and output circuit


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