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Using the Spinnaker® Software Development Kit

You can monitor or control features of the camera through Spinnaker API examples provided in the Spinnaker SDK, or through the SpinView camera evaluation application. A Programmer's Guide and API Reference is included in the installation.

SpinView Camera Evaluation Application

The SpinView application is a generic, easy-to-use streaming image viewer included with the Spinnaker SDK that can be used to test many of the capabilities of your camera. It allows you to view a live video stream from the camera, save individual images, adjust the various attributes, frame rates, features and settings of the camera. It includes tools for updating firmware, managing drivers, IP addressing, and activity logging.

Custom Applications Built with the Spinnaker API

The Spinnaker SDK includes a full Application Programming Interface that allows you to create custom applications to control your camera. Included with the SDK are a number of source code examples to help you get started.

Spinnaker API examples are provided for C, C++, C#, and VB.NET languages. These examples are precompiled for your convenience.


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